Dairy Packaging

Milk Films at our plants are extruded using virgin LDPE & LLDPE granuals and printed using Certified and approved Food Grade Inks; our supplies to the food industry for packaging of food products sees us following stringent health and hygiene practices at our factories.

At Shyam Kripa, we engineer Multilayer and Barrier Films for suitable and economic packaging solutions. Our performance films come in a range of printed coextruded film supplied in roll form, featuring gloss, multi colours, whiteness and opacity, for appealing product presentation and retaining the freshness of the product. Our film is engineered for high speed packing lines with best in class yield per kg.

We consistently strive to improve the quality of our milk film which will benefit our customers and the end user. We manufacture milk film as per the standards requirement given by the customers.

What do we offer in Dairy Packaging

Our quality solutions for dairy packaging have forged lasting relationships with leading dairies in the country. A multilayer dairy film for fresh milk packaging is designed to work flawlessly on FFS high-speed machines. We offer thickness ranging from 45 micron to 130 micron, depending on product weight and type. Our film-chemistry is decided on the basis of opacity, whiteness and yield of all layers.



  • High yield
  • Best in class film whiteness
  • Upto 6 colour printing
  • Stackable
  • HD Printing
  • Available range of SKUs: 100ml-6l
  • Available Thickness range: 46 microns-110 microns
  • Cost effective solutions