Laminated Films

We at Shyam Kripa manufacture Laminated Films & Pouches that meet specific applications and quality requirements of various industries. Our ISO 9001:2015 and manufacturing plant ensures we meet stringent compliance requirements of our end users. Our dedicated quality control team/processes ensure a seamless working environment for all stakeholders. A healthy pipeline of product engineering ensures we add real value for our customers.

In our line of best quality speciality films to present innovative solutions to the packaging industry with the better features we are manufacturing 3 layer Laminated films for high-end applications following ISO quality norms structured as per customer requirements. It can be laminated on various calibrate / metallic substrates and it enables direct surface printing also.

What do we offer in Laminated Film

Shyam Kripa offers solvent based and solventless capabilities to deliver quality laminates in both roll and pouch form. We employ a broad range of materials in 2,3 and 4-Ply structures and also provide a combination of material comprising PET, Met PET, BOPP, Met BOPP, Matte BOPP, CPP, MCPP, Holographic, Foil, Natural Poly, Nylon, White Opaque Poly and Multilayer Poly. These structures can be defined according to the product packed within, such as food, snacks, spices, confectionery, pharmaceutical and agriculture.



  • Barrier properties engineered for shelf life
  • Self-standing, resealable and easy to open
  • Spouted Pouches are engineered for convenience, spill-control and easy dispensing
  • Stackable
  • Roll Fed Laminates for single and multi track lines
  • Economical
  • Cost effective for smaller SKUs or Single Use Packs
  • Only Food Grade films used